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Certify and Protect Your Design Concepts, Ideas and Documents

To protect design projects, concepts and ideas, AoD offers the possibility to designers and companies to store a copy of the documentation of your design in AoD's Design Archive. The archive is not public and it will be only open in case of a dispute. This is a simple and unexpensive way to protect your design. Please note that this is not a patent, it is mainly for proof and self protection.


» What is Archive Certification?
Archive Certification helps you to certify your designs and store a copy of your design in our online digital, offline digital or hardcopy archives. In a dispute, they act as a legal proof that you have the design idea or concept at a given time. To make a certification you need to be registered and logged in. The Archive Certification is not a Patent or Notary Certification.
» What is Archive Certification Used For?
It is unfortunetely a common issue that some third parties might steal your designs, design ideas and concepts and use them at their own disposal. The worse happens when these people sue you for stealing their own designs. Here, having a certified and archived design assures that in case of a dispute, you can protect yourself from legal charges. Of course this only works if you have archive certified your designs and ideas before the public appearing of both the original design and the imitation of your design, therefore it is advised to archive all your designs and concepts right after you create them.
» How Does Archive Certification work?
No matter what your technical skills, the archive certification has an easy to use interface and was designed so that all kinds of users can use it. However you need an active internet connection to be able to use it for digital certification. First you need to register to our system. After you are registered and logged in, you can upload your designs, ideas or concepts to our secure servers. When you upload finish, you will be taken into a preview page, after you confirm the preview, you can finish the process by Finalizing Certification. When you finalize the certification process, you will be given a certificate/call number and the documents will be archived digitally, you can still access these documents but they cannot be modified, replaced nor deleted (to delete an archived document you need to pay additional fees by bank-transfer only, this method is used to prevent deletion of your documents by malicious parties). In addition your ideas, designs or concepts will be printed and saved as hardcopy. You also have the opportunity to mark your ideas to be published online and as hardcopies in our magazines.
» Who Should Use Archive Certification ?
Everyone that wants to prove that an original concept or idea was theirs could use archive certification, in essence; Writers for documents, texts, scripts, poems, translations, books, publications, drafts etc, Musicians for songs, lyrics, etc, Designers for graphic designs, industrial designs, fashion designs, photographs, architectural drawings, Intellectual Workers for software, process descriptions, inventions, product and business ideas, idea producers, scientists for papers, archive certification is also beneficial for people who just want to prove that a document belongs to a specific date, or to prove that they had a certain document at a specific date.
» What is the Difference of Archive Certification and a Patent ?
A document that was archive certified helps you to prove that 1. you had the document at the given period of time, 2. that the document has not changed since then (as it is stored in our digital or hardcopy storage). This however is not a Patent or Patent Alternavie, it is a legal proof that you had the idea or concept or design or the document at your hand at a particular point in time. When this particular point of time is before the publishing of the design/idea/concept/document in any other medium, it might be possibly used as evidence to protect you from any charges or disputes that could occur if third parties sues you over design issues. Archive Certification, unlike a patent, is mainly to prove that you had an idea, concept, design at a particular point in time, therefore it is possible to be used to a maximum extend of self-protection however a Patent can also be used to protect your intellectual rights.
» Is there a limitation of type of files that could be Archive Certified ?
Yes, only your own documents can be archive certified. You can also arcihive certify the documents if you are a legal representative of a company those documents belong to this particular company. If you are sharing a document with some third party, you can archive them but cannot opt-in to be "published online and as hardcopies in our magazines". You cannot archive certify highly confidential or highly sensetive documents, government secrets and any similar information.
» Is there a file size or type limitation for Archive Certification ?
Yes, there is a 5 MB file limit or 3 A4 Pages, whichever is consumed first. You can upload graphic files only; if you are going to submit a document, a drawing, a text or anything at all, first you need to save or export them as A4 Jpegs (210 mm x 297 mm) (595x842 pixels in 72 dpi or 1240x1754 pixels in 150 dpi or 2480x3508 pixels in 300dpi), many software including Adobe PDF has native export options for saving files as Jpegs, if your program cannot do it, you can take a screenshot and save it as Jpeg in your image software. There is a solid reason why we want you to export your files as Jpeg; First of all we will be printing out these Jpegs to store them as hardcopies and we cannot effort to have all softwares to open them. Second, you can preview Jpeg files before Finalizing the certification processes, third, if you opt-in, we can use Jpeg files at our publications easily.
» How much does Archive Certification Cost ?
Each Archive Certifications needs you to have a token, this token will be used upon finalization of the certification, and you recieve your invoice after this finalization. A single token costs 25 €. 10 Tokens cost 200 €. Each token can be used to store 3 A4 Pages (total Max. 5MB for each token). Please contact us if you would like to buy more than 50 tokens.
» How can I buy Archive Certification Tokens ?
To buy tokens, you need to be registered to the system, after registration you can buy tokens from Token Purchase Page.
» Which page is for Archive Certification ?
After you login and have a token, please use the Certify Your Work & Documents Page.
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