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Communicate to the Public

Communicate your success to leading design press.

It is your chance to tell your design story to the world; Members and affiliates of the Association of Design can benefit from the Design PR Wire's discounts for communicating your press releases and success stories to thousands of design oriented magazines, blogs, newspapers and other media worldwide. DesignPRWire also help design companies for targeting, monitoring and measurement.


» What tools do you offer?
We offer several communication tools, these tools are; newsletter communication to our members, press release preparation, and press release distribution on behalf of our members, we have an extensive database of thousands of design magazines all over the world that you might showcase your success stories etc.
» What is the difference of Professionally written Press Releases?
You can write your own press releases, however a professionaly written press release will make a difference when it comes to that very moment where you will be featured or another designer, we know how the design press community goes through press releases and our writing methodology and preperation methods are totally different than any press release you would write. Professionally written press releases increases your chance of being featured in magazines, press and newspapers alike.
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