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Exhibit Your Designs

Exhibit Your Designs at AoD or Salone del Designer

Online edition of the Salone del Designer is a great event, in a one week period, an incredible advertisement budget is used to attract design oriented individuals, companies, producers and other designers to a single spot. At Salone del Designer, Design Studios, Designers and Design-Product companies will have opportunity to sell their products online and make new customers.


» Why do I need to Exhibit my Designs?
You can exhibit a portion of your portfolio at design profile pages at AoD or Salone del Designer to get the attention of talent hunters and design companies, before exhibiting your designs you might decide to certify them using the "Archived Design Certification" program offered by us.
» What are the Profile Pages?
Profile pages are created by members of Association of Design to showcase their designs, there is a limit on number of works that could be showcased therefore the designers are encoureged to showcase their latest or the most loved works here.
» What is Salone del Designer?
It is an international event that occurs for a brief period of time with extensive advertising and campaiging to take the attention of the design press and professionals to a single spot. Design studios, consultancy firms and designers have the opportunity to showcase their portfolios and communicate their success stories to a wide range of audience.
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