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Get creative, browse the largest and selected online archive of designer profiles, design products, designs and design studios. View curated design selections with works submitted to the competitions, profile pages and realized or idealized design concepts. Also you may register your email to the monthly newsletter, follow us on twitter or subscribe to the rss feed to get daily inspiration delivered to you.


» Where can I get Inspiration?
Thanks to the information age we are living in there are so many hot-spots of design information and inspiration, but we have carefully selected a few of the best resources available today. These are "Results of A'Design Award and Competition", "Salone del Designer Pages", "Press releases by DesignPRWire", and "Designer Profiles in Association of Design".
» What are the Designer Profiles in AoD?
These are the profile and portfolio pages created by the members who have joined the Association of Design, the pages are composed of eleborative and modern designs, ranging from graphics to industrial design, from motion graphics to music, a must to visit.
» What are the Salone Del Designer Pages?
Salone del designer pages are "themed" profile pages that are fixed exhibitions of joining designers, the exhibition pages feature a limited number of select designs that are extensively and exclusively communicated to all the world for a brief period of time.
» What are Results of A'Design Competition?
The results of A'Design Competition and Awards are the selected works that were judged by three different jury; the focus group, academic and professionals, these works truly represent a unique and provenly good selection of designs.
» What are Press Releases by DesignPRWire?
DesignPRWire is the industry's biggest press release processor for the design field, they have a high profile of clients with a lot of successful and realized works and design, the press releases include high-resolution images for those who like the details.
» Do I Need to be a member to check Designer Profiles in AoD?
Yes, you can become a "Guest Member" to check the designer profiles, you can use the "Random Profile" button at the simple search page, this button was especially designed for those who are searching for design inspiration.
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