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Benefits for Joining Association of Design

Members get exlusive discounts and bargains at many design related institutions, companies in addition to the chance of attending private workshops and conferences, plus many intangible benefits and network externalities such as being a part of great design community, finding design jobs and opportunities, keeping up with design trends, fashion and issues that could change the future of profession.


» What is the purpose of Association of Design?
The Purpose of Association of Design, most important of all is to increase the profit of member designers and design businesses. Our aim is; to advertise the member designers to public and companies so that they can find additional clients and develop a high profile clientele. To draw the line between professional, full-time designers, design companies and enthusiasts or amateurs, so that professionals can get high quality, better paying jobs. To make the public design sensetive so that the public demands design oriented products, benefiting designers directly and indirectly. To make companies understand the added value generated by design, so that they hire more designers with higher payoffs. The Association of Design is an organization dedicated to increasing the standards of professional business practices for designers, design studios, design consulting firms,design product producer through education and the exchange of knowledge, events and activities, our primary aim is to gain greater recognition for the role the design consultant plays in achieving the goals of business and society. Our strength lies in our ability to learn from each other by networking and openly sharing information, thereby helping member firms improve their performance through better internal management and procedures.
» Who can join Association of Design?
Designers, design companies and studios, design related institutions, design magazines, design schools, design students and design ethusiasts are welcome to join Association of Design, however each will have a different membership options depending on the position. To view some of the pages it is necessary to register as a guest.
» What is the Eligability conditions for being AoD Member?
Membership to the Association of Design (AoD) is open to designers, design studios, design companies, design producers and design consulting firms whose primary business is identity, experience, environmental, branding, packaging, interactive, product, engineering, audio visual and industrial design and anything else that relates to the design. The firm must subscribe to high standards of design professionalism and business conduct. Candidate representatives should be in design business for at least three years. Represented firms must be financially stable, operate independently and maintain a suitable place of business. AoD's member roster is composed of roughly an equal number of product, communications and interactive design firms, with many offering a mix of services. AoD membership belongs to the Representative, however a firm can be represented by more then one members. All employees of a represented firm or institution are eligible to participate in association activities.

There are many different membership plans, and you may check the individual plans at the application page.
» Are there any other benefits joining the Association of Design?
Yes, there are many tangible and intangible benefits, These intangible benefits of being a member of Association of Design: Learn more about your design community, Network with designers in your area, nationally and internationally, Find information to make your business more profitable, Find out new design jobs and opportunities, Keep up with design trends, fashion and issues, Contribute to and benefit from good design, Help businesses and public to understand the role of designers, Identify yourself with professional standards, Get involved with the design profession's future, Contribute to social design projects, Develop your understanding for the profession plus, as a member you will get discounts in many occasions related to design.
» What are the Discounts?
Members can benefit from a wide range of discounts offered by affiliate members, affiliate companies, and sponsors. The discounts range from discount in services to products such as sending press releases, joining Salone del Designer, joining A'Design Awards and Competitions, Creating publications and getting design services outside your traditional domain.
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